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Grant helps city housing agency build inventory of accessible apartments


A $392,003 grant will give the Elizabethton Housing and Development Agency eight more high-demand handicapped-Photo by Brandon Hicksaccessible apartments, but even when the work is finished the agency will be short of the number needed.

The grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is to be used for capital projects in the housing community.

EHDA Director Kelly Geagley said the agency receives the HUD funding each year to cover the cost of construction and improvements in the apartments. With this year’s funds, the EHDA is renovating eight apartments to improve handicapped accessibility and meet Americans with Disability Act requirements. Before the renovations are complete, the agency has 16 accessible units.

Geagley said there is a high need for handicapped accessible apartments: “We could easily fill 50 handicap-accessible apartments. We have a wait list for people who already live here.”


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