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Growing ‘great pumpkins’ makes Ed Cook local legend


Pulling up to Ed Cook’s house in Mountain City, the only sign of what makes him a local legend are sitting atop some haybales in his front yard.

Photos by Nick Shepherd
Ed Cook poses with his giant pumpkin, which he grew in his backyard at his Mountain City residence. His biggest pumpkins have tipped the scales at an impressive 500 pounds and more.


Ed grows award-winning pumpkins, but these are no ordinary gourds. In fact, some of Ed’s monstrous pumpkins have weighed in at 500 pounds or more. He’s been growing pumpkins since 1991 and has won numerous competitions for his giant specimens.

“I’ve entered two competitions,” Ed said. “I won the first one, placed fourth in a second competition. Then two years later I entered a squash and won with it.”

Ed takes his pumpkins to Allardt, Tenn., a town that has hosted pumpkin competitions for the last 20 years. To load the giant pumpkins on a truck, he has to enlist some help.


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