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Hampton’s Dallas Byrd was seen as Carter County’s Sgt. York


Dallas C. Byrd of Hampton was one of Carter County’s most decorated soldiers during World War II.

Dallas Byrd


He was described by some as another “Sgt. York” for his heroics during the Tunisian campaigns of WWII. Among his decorations were the Silver Star, the Purple Heart, the combat Infantry Badge, six Battle Stars, the Good Conduct Medal, the E.T.O. Ribbon, and the American Defense Ribbon.

The Silver Star was awarded Byrd for gallantry in action. The time was March 1943, and the place was Maknassy, Africa.

The final battle plan for Tunisia was compared to the operation of a piston. Forming the cylinder was the Mediterranean Sea at the top. The American II Corps and the British First Army formed the west wall. The American II Corps was in the south and the British were in the north of the west wall. The II Corps would also have the mission of taking Maknassy in south central Tunisia. Then II Corps 1st Armor was to bust through the El Guettar Pass and enter the great coastal plains.

As the Desert Rats drove up the coast of Tunisia from the southeast, the task of the forces on the west wall was to engage every bit of Axis armor and infantry possible.


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