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Historian: Carter County has always answered ‘the warrior’s call’


Carter County’s veterans from the Revolutionary War through the current war on terror were recognized during a Veterans Day Ceremony in downtown Elizabethton on Monday morning.

Photo by Brandon HicksCounty Historian Scott Bower provided a history on Carter County's involvement in every war during the Veteran's Day ceremony on Monday.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
County Historian Scott Bower provided a history on Carter County’s involvement in every war during the Veteran’s Day ceremony on Monday.

County Historian Scott Bowers recognized veterans of Carter County from each of the 10 major conflicts that America has been involved in since the first settlers came to this country.

“Carter County’s history of patriotism and service to this country started during the war for American independence, “ Bowers said.

The first Carter County veterans participated in the American Revolution, first by providing supplies to the patriots and then by fighting the British. Settlers in the region had been providing grain, meat and other supplies to the patriots when British Gen. Patrick Ferguson threatened to “march his army over the mountains, hang their leaders and lay their country waste with fire and sword.”

“The fire that was raised however, was not that of fear and cowardice, but a fire known as ‘the warriors call’,” Bowers said.

So many volunteers came to fight the British that a reverse draft had to be instituted to send men home to protect their homes. The selected volunteers traveled to Kings Mountain where they defeated Ferguson.


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