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Israel Goudy arraigned


Appearing in court for the first time since being charged with the 2011 murder of a Carter County man, Israel Goudy spoke little during his arraignment hearing Tuesday morning. He did, however, direct an obscene gesture to the media in attendance.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Israel Goudy briefly appeared in General Sessions Court Tuesday for the first time since his Sept. 21 arrest.

Goudy, 32, was ushered into General Sessions Court to appear before Judge John Walton on second-degree murder and tampering with evidence charges. Goudy, who police say shot and killed 55-year-old Larry Whittaker on Oct. 17, 2011, sat among other prisoners from the jail who were waiting to the see the judge. He had been arrested on Sept. 21, but has not yet appeared before a judge, because court was not in session last week.

Courtroom bailiffs confirmed Goudy flashed his middle finger to the media before he spoke to the judge. A bailiff later said Goudy was not happy to have his photograph taken.


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