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Judge hands down nine-year sentence against Lyons


A Stoney Creek man convicted of stabbing his neighbor and burning down his barn may soon be released from jail.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Senior Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood sentenced
Billy Jack Lyons, above, to a total of nine years, but
with two of those years on probation for reckless
endangerment in a September stabbing incident.

Billy Jack Lyons, who had been found guilty last month of stabbing his neighbor, Robert Emerson, appeared in Carter County Criminal Court Tuesday for a sentencing hearing. Lyons has been in state custody since 2005, when he was charged with attempted murder.

Lyons was found guilty in September of reckless endangerment, instead of the attempted murder charge. The jury also convicted him of arson and vandalism charges.

Senior Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood ultimately sentenced Lyons to a total of nine years, but with two of those years on probation.

“We are going to ask the court to impose the maximum sentence,” Assistant District Attorney Ken Baldwin said prior to the judge’s decision.


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