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Lamplight Christmas Wreath Exhibit will replace tree show at Sycamore Shoals park


Instead of Christmas trees decking the halls, wreaths on lamp posts will light the way at Sycamore Shoals State Historic Park this Christmas season.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Sycamore Shoals Park Secretary Johnnie Pilk holds an example of the entries being sought for
the Lamplight Christmas Wreath Exhibit. The exhibit’s theme will be “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree,” and entries will be placed on lamp posts made for the event.


The park’s new Christmas event, the Lamplight Christmas Wreath Exhibit, replaces the Winterfest Christmas Tree Exhibit. Winterfest came to an end because a museum renovation claimed the large open meeting room used to house the many Christmas trees.

To provide community organizations and clubs with the opportunity to continue participating in a Christmas event, the park revamped the decoration exhibit. Groups will have the opportunity to decorate wreaths to be placed on decorative lamp posts and intermingled with art from the Watauga Valley Art League show.

Sycamore Shoals Park Secretary and Exhibit Organizer Johnnie Pilk said the wreathes and lamp poles would be arranged throughout the theater and lobby of the Sycamore Shoals visitors’ center. If the new museum is opened by the time the exhibit starts, then the wreaths will also be located there.


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