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Law school classmate speaks out for Thom Gray’s candidacy


To the editor:

I am writing today about Thom Gray, a candidate for State Representative from the 4th District of Tennessee. It might seem odd for someone like me to write in — I do not live in the district, I do not even live in the state, and no one has asked me to write this letter. I am a liberal Democrat from near Washington, D.C., with little interest in this race, except that Thom Gray was my classmate at law school, and is someone I have grown proud to call a friend.

I am writing today, then, because I am appalled at the flat out LIES that are being spread about Thom. When I first heard about the ad Kent Williams ran in the Elizabethton STAR accusing Thom of being pro-choice, and essentially some kind of closet liberal, I nearly choked. Could he possibly be talking about the same man I have known for four years, and spent endless hours arguing with over the politics of the day? The same man who is thrilled at every chance to chastise me for my support for Obamacare, gun control, and yes, abortion rights? Clearly Mr. Williams thinks the wool can be pulled over the eyes of his constituents. I could not remain silent.

The fact is, Thom Gray is a man of staunch principles. They may be principles I disagree with, but they are clear principles nonetheless. Mr. Williams seems to lack any principles, from what I can tell. I think the measure of Thom’s principles can best be seen at his website, thomgray.org. On his site, he includes a full copy of his survey he sent in response to the NRA’s questionnaire. You see, Thom is a staunch advocate of gun rights, but he also staunchly supports property rights, and, even knowing his audience, when the NRA advocated laws that would invade those property rights, he was not afraid to tell them that this was a problem. You can see the answer right on his website. I’m guessing this is why the NRA endorsed his opponent, despite Thom’s strong record on guns.

I cannot endorse a candidate in this race — they are both too far right for my tastes — but I can say, from years of experience, Mr. Williams is lying about Mr. Gray, and the 4th District deserves to know the truth.

Samuel Leven, Washington, D.C.


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