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Lawson-led Wildcats despatch Longhorns


BRISTOL — Opposite ends of the state, opposite styles of basketball. Despite its effort, Johnson County was little match for Memphis Hamilton.

The Wildcats, led by a pair of consensus top 25 prospects in brothers Keelon and Dedric Lawson, opened with a 24-3 lead and fended off a late Longhorn charge for a 74-49 win in the first round of the Arby’s Classic at Viking Hall.

“I knew our guys were going to be real sluggish and Johnson County was going to be a good team,” said Hamilton coach Keelon Lawson, father of his standout brother act. “We had to try to speed it up and get them out of their comfort zone, make them put the ball on the floor. I tried to rotate guys in and out to try to wear them down and get out of here from the ride up.”

Keelon Lawson, a four-star junior committed to Memphis, and fellow classmate Terrance Birdsong led the Wildcats with 14 points.

Sophomore Dedric Lawson, a five-star, top-five player in the 2016 class, added a double-double 12 points and 10 rebounds.


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