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Letter was contrary to teachings of Jesus


To the editor,

I can’t think of anything more contrary to the teachings of Jesus than the language offered by D.D. Nave in the letters to the editor on Oct. 12.

The “experts” Nave quoted are known for their questionable habit of putting words into the mouth of God and “identifying” avenging deeds by His hand. David Barton, Nave’s presidential historian, suffered the indignity of having his latest book recalled and canceled by his publisher because of blatant lies.

I value Mr. Nave’s encouragement for voting. I will, but I will vote for — ooo-ooh evil — President Obama and Democrat candidates.

Mr. Nave made ugly charges that can’t go unchallenged.

1) Obama/Democrats support a woman’s right to privacy, choice and safety in matters of contraception and pregnancy, alongside efforts to make abortion rare. Taxpayer-funded abortion does not exist under healthcare law.

2) Obama is the first president to support same-sex marriage. He also represents a nation where, for the first time, 56 percent (that’s a majority) agree with him. President Obama did not declare June Homosexual Pride Month. That happened in 2000. (If God caused the drought because Obama recognized the month, as he’s done every year, God’s pretty slow to react and sure makes it harder for the doomsayers to make a logical connection). The big difference this year is the military made a big deal of honoring its gay and lesbian troops.

Intolerance has already lost this battle. Jesus told us in no uncertain terms that rewards come with love and compassion and tolerance and understanding. Besides, God is too savvy to destroy towns and hurt innocent families and send droughts to cause widespread food shortages, and then fail to make the connection to the source of His rage except through the mouths of self-elevated “prophets” whom most people have sense enough to ignore.

Climate change might burn up large parts of America and large areas will be turned into deserts, but, if we’d used our God-given intelligence, we could have prevented that and maybe still can. That’s the way things work in this world, prophets notwithstanding.

3) President Obama works closely with Israel’s leaders and is widely admired worldwide. Obama does not support the Muslim Brotherhood and no Christians have been endangered by the acts of our president.

Where are the prophets to warn us about ignoring hungry kids and old people and poor people and bankruptcies and suffering and deaths because people are denied access to healthcare because they’re sick or lost their jobs (Romney’s “moochers” and “victims”)?

The way I see it, the Democrats best represent Christian values if you go by how Jesus taught us to treat each other. I couldn’t be prouder of my president. Ugly, hurtful, sad, embarrassing language is nothing more than what it is and goes no further than we’re willing to facilitate it.

I vote we’re wise enough to know that in East Tennessee.

-Judy Garland, Johnson City


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