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Letters to the Editor – Monday, September 19, 2011


Monday, September 19, 2011

Reader thinks smaller commission would be better




I would like to see a smaller county commission. All the present commission does is argue among themselves and nothing is accomplished. Twenty-four members is too many. They can’t seem to agree on anything. What we have now is a waste of money. 

When the new jail was built apparently no one was paying any attention to see if it was being built as it should be. As a result there is more expense to taxpayers. 

I support the mayor 100 percent. I think he is trying to make our county a better place. He is having a hard time with the old cronies. They don’t want change because it would tear up their playhouses. 


Billie Lowe




‘Bike’ mother advocates


Safe Routes to School


Dear Citizens:


Although the Chief has attempted to devalue my credibility, please be aware I care about our community and the safety of our children. For those who are unaware of my position, I am not ascertaining we place children in danger. Quite the opposite, my position is if it is not safe, let’s make it safe! A fantastic place to begin is the Safe Routes to School Program. Cherokee Elementary School in Johnson City received a $250,000 grant to add sidewalks to local neighborhoods for children to have a safe commute to and from school. I propose we embrace such a program in our community for the safety and welfare of our children. 

This program is not about eliminating the current transportation situation, it is about enhancing it. It is not about forcing children to ride/walk to school, it is about choice. We as Americans enjoy great freedoms and we as parents should be allowed to choose how our children commute to and from school. Alternatively, occasionally children miss the bus for various reasons. Many parents have obligations and perhaps aren’t able to transport their child to school. Are these parents guilty of substandard parenting because their children do not have a safe route to school? Of course not! The Safe Routes to School program is a grant program, meaning it does not cost our community to have the program. 

In that so many of our children live in congregated areas, the relief to traffic around the school could also be greatly relieved by Safe Routes to School. One belief they hold true are walking school buses. This is where groups of children who live on the same route travel together for safety. The same is true for bicycle trains. 

In conclusion citizens, I humbly request your support for such a program for not only the current student body but for the forthcoming students who will attend Harold McCormick. Again, this is not about replacing the current transportation situation, this is about enhancing it. This begins with you citizens. If you would like more information regarding this program please visit the website located at or contact me directly at 


Teresa Tryon





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