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Library board shelves 2 patrons


It’s rare but not unheard of for a book to be banned from a library. It’s even more rare for a person to meet that fate.

Two library patrons at the Elizabethton/Carter County Public Library have been banned from re-entering the library after Library Director Mel Goff told the first meeting of the joint Elizabethton/Carter County Public Library Board Friday morning that one patron had damaged multiple books and a second had been caught attempting to take an MP3 book.

Goff’s first request involved a patron she said had caused $2,000 in damage to library books by ripping pages from the books while borrowing them from the library. The cost of the damage was assessed to the patron in library fines.

Goff said library staff first noticed the problem when one book returned by the patron was noticeably smaller than when it was checked out.

She said staff reviewed records and examined other books that had been checked out by the patron and found those books also had pages ripped from them. Many of the books had only been checked out by the one person, she said.

The books that had been damaged were books on classic art, the works of poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and children’s books on ghosts and sharks.


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