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Life Lessons: Paperwork MattersIf


By Bruce Hendrich

If you are reading this, most likely there is an important piece of paperwork about you somewhere; your birth certificate! This crucial document serves as proof of your physical existence. Details concerning when you were born, where you were born, and to whom you were born, are all documented on this personal piece of paperwork.

Generally before you can leave our country, you have to obtain and send off this crucial paperwork to the Department of State in order to receive another important document, your passport. This booklet is required upon leaving our country and upon arriving at another country.

Many countries require more paperwork than just a passport, in order for you to set foot on their territory; you must also have a current visa stamped into your passport. Visas are generally obtained from officials who reside in our country but who represent the country you desire to visit.

When visa paperwork is sent in, it must be order. Missing information or documentation will cause your visa application to be rejected. And until it is corrected, you will never make it to your desired destination. I have come to learn these things because I have spent a lot of time on my paperwork issues due to an upcoming trip out of the country.

You have an upcoming trip as well. Is your paperwork in order? Not for a trip in this world, but for a trip out of this world. Some people may be surprised one day to realize that their default destination is not heaven. In other words, unless you have ensured that you have done what is required for heaven’s visa, you will not be allowed to set foot on those streets of gold. Are you sure you know what the King requires for entrance into His Kingdom?

Jesus told a very good person, in fact, he was a very respected religious leader, that unless a person is born again, he or she will not see the kingdom of God (John 3). If you have been born again, chances are your spiritual birth certificate will be found in the Lamb’s book of life and you will not just see the kingdom of God, you will spend eternity there! However, if you haven’t been born again, a search of the heavenly records will verify you cannot enter paradise. Sadly, there is only one other option, and it happens to be every sinner’s default destination; eternal separation from God in a devil’s hell.

Though we don’t know when, you and I will have another piece of paperwork generated about us one day; our death certificate. Once that earthly document is initiated, your eternal abode will be unalterable, and determined by heavenly paperwork, or the lack thereof. Do you have a spiritual birth certificate recorded in heaven? Is your paperwork for eternity in order?

Bruce Hendrich is pastor at Oak Street Baptist Church804 Oak Street • Elizabethon, TN 37643 


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