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LM resident sounds off about convenience center


To the editor:

In reply to the article about the Little Milligan convenience center (as they call it), what happened to the petition the community got up, not wanting this so-called dump in their community?

It is a shame the people don’t have a say in what goes on. We, the taxpayers, pay the commissioners to speak for us, but no results take place.

Why do we need them? They do what they want to do. It is all about money. If the county thinks they will get more money by putting in the dump, they better think twice. People from Elk Mills have said they would not take their trash that far. It is too hazardous. To unload, a truck must back up a narrow road, then pull out on the road in a blind curve.

It is a shame the way the commissioners are doing. Election time is nearing.

J. Reece, Little Milligan


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