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Local couple befriended by strangers in Kentucky



The statement “one good turn deserves another” is often made and was once again proven true in Pikeville, Ky., as my wife and I were returning from a trip to The Big South Fork National Railroad. I decided that on the return trip we would drive to Pikeville, Ky., and try to find an old Navy buddy, whom I met while serving in the Navy from 1956-1960.

The first stop was downtown Pikeville at the tourism office, which was closed, so we went next door to the Hampton Inn. I asked the manager if I could use a phone directory to look up a phone number of someone I was trying to locate and had not seen in about 35 years. A young man sitting in the lobby overheard the conversation and asked the name of the person I was looking for.

I gave the name and address of the Navy buddy to the young man and he immediately got on his smart phone and located a gentleman by the same name and also his telephone number, which he dialed. He then handed the phone to me. Sure enough, this was the person I was looking for.

The young man, Corey Russell, started writing directions and then stopped and said, “If you will drive me to my vehicle I will escort you to the gentleman’s residence.”

The young man had just gotten married the night before and the wedding party was staying at the Hampton Inn and several of them had driven over together. He was so excited and wanted to see this reunion take place. My wife and I drove Corey to his vehicle and he escorted us right to the doorstep of my old Navy buddy, James Sesco. Everyone was shaking hands and expressing thanks when Corey, who had started to leave, turned around and said, “I have to tell you this. The manager from Hampton Inn called me on my cell phone while we were driving over here and told me that all the rooms registered in my name would be free of charge because of what I did to help you.”

Corey said the manager told him, “One good turn deserves another.”

It is refreshing to know that there are still people who are willing to help strangers who need it, and people who are willing to reward those who help others even though neither party had anything to gain except the gratification from knowing they helped someone accomplish what they set out to do.

Tracy Herman



3 Responses to Local couple befriended by strangers in Kentucky

  1. That was such a nice thing of the young man to do and especially on his wedding night. It shows that even though eastern Kentucky gets a bad rap for so many things, it is good to finally see us getting recognition for something to be proud of. We are educated and pretty intelligent for the most part.. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • babycheeks says:

      It is because this story is based on truth, not fictional stereotypes. East Ky has some the greatest people on earth which is why so many stay there even when economics say leave. There are a lot of better places for jobs but few when it comes to people and friendship. We stay even when it hurts because the people make it worth it.

  2. Thats a Kentuckian for ya!

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