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Local families honored for ancestors’ support, contributions


Two Carter County families shared the honors Monday morning as county officials, a state senator and members of the community were on hand to celebrate the naming of the Siam Bridge.

State Sen. Rusty Crowe, County Mayor Leon Humphrey, the county’s Highway Committee, and other public officials Photo by Brandon Hicksgathered to celebrate the work of John L. Curtis and William “Bill” Allen in the Siam community.

Although the bridge’s funding came through the state level, Crowe was quick to praise the county officials for the dedication.

“I’m very proud that the county chose to do this,” Crowe said. “It’s very nice to bring these two families together. There are roots for me here, as well, and I’m proud to be a part of this.”

To recognize each family’s ancestor for their roles in the history of Siam, as well as the construction of the bridge, the county’s Highway Committee had previously agreed to name the bridge’s southwest side after Bill Allen, and the northeast side after John L. Curtis.
Photo by Brandon Hicks
John L. Curtis is best remembered for the role he played in the building of the Wilbur Dam. “John L. Curtis was one of Carter County’s early visionaries,” Humphrey said.


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