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Local mom running for a cause


Samantha Legge is a 41-year-old mother who homeschools her four children, but she has recently taken up a cause bigger than anything she has ever pursued. She will be running the New York City Marathon on Nov. 4 to raise funds for Doe River Gorge Ministries. The campaign is called “A Penny A Pass.”

Samantha Legge

Here’s the catch — Legge is starting in last place behind 47,000 other runners. She is asking that people pledge one penny for every person she can pass. Every dollar will go to helping Doe River Gorge operate its ministry and provide scholarships for kids and teenagers to attend summer camp.

Doe River Gorge is hosting a launch party for the “A Penny A Pass” campaign to help kick off Legge’s journey, and the public is invited to join her and Doe River Gorge in the endeavor.


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