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Longhorns’ state tournament season reaches 30-year anniversary


In 1984, a movie ticket could be purchased for two bucks and a gallon of gas cost half that. It was also the year that “Splash,” starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah, hit the big screen.

That same year, Jeff Pardue, Tony Hagler and six supporting cast members became a “splash hit” in the town of Mountain City. And 30 years later, they’re still remembered.

Johnson County’s boys basketball team made its first and only trip to the Class AA state basketball tournament in 1984. The Longhorns shared the Watauga Conference title with Hampton that season, finished 30-7 overall and set a school record for most wins.

The conference was well-balanced that season, with Unicoi County and Happy Valley fielding good teams as well. The Longhorns got a wake-up call on the night of Feb. 1 — and it turned their season around.


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