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Love 40: Nadal’s latest act growing old with fans


Rafael Nadal used to be my favorite ATP Tennis Player on the circuit, but now his act has gotten very old with fans of the sport.

Yes I believe the career grand slam winner and probably one of the top five players in men’s tennis history has had trouble with his knees, but his latest antics have me wondering what is going with the man from Spain.

I think the last seven or so months have been a mystery to everyone who follows Nadal. Things just don’t seem to be adding up.

Nadal wins the French Open looking like nobody deserved to be on the same court with him, then he loses to a qualifier in the second round of Wimbledon on Nadal’s second best surface.

Then all of a sudden, his knees were bothering him and he misses the Olympics, U.S. Open and the fall season.

Then Nadal says he’s coming back for the Australian Open, only to then say he has a “stomach virus” and will have to miss a tournament two weeks ago.

I don’t want to question his motives, but it just doesn’t seem to be making a lot of sense.


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