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Mayor, county historian differ on details of heated debate of archive plan


A disagreement between county officials over a Records Commission matter is expected to become a matter of public record at Monday’s meeting of the County Commission.

County Historian Scott Bowers says he will address commissioners about a heated discussion he had with County Mayor Leon Humphrey on Monday, July 8.

Bowers, who provided his account of the incident in a letter to the commissioners, said the argument reached its crux when Humphrey told him to “get out of my office.”

“I got tossed out because I disagreed,” Bowers said. “I think he needs to be reminded the same thing he’s reminded other officeholders on more than one occasion – that’s not your office, it’s the people’s office. With that, he shouldn’t have had the authority to toss me out.”

But according to Humphrey, though a disagreement transpired between them, its conclusion was not as dramatic.

“I just told him the discussion was finished, there was nothing else, and that’s the end of it,” Humphrey said.


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