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Medical Care operating from new office


Medical Care, LLC has been operating out of its new office in Elizabethton since Monday. Some minor work still continues on the office space as the additional tenants prepare to move in as well.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
The new Medical Care office features a two-story open air reception area. The new office has 122,000 square feet compared with 13,000 square feet at their old location.

The medical offices had been preparing for the move for some time. The new office space is much larger than their former space at 1900 West Elk Ave. The new space, which was built at the site of the former Inland Container factory, has 122,000 square feet compared to the 13,000 square feet that was at the old office.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
The new Medical Care office also includes kid-themed rooms, like a fireman room, safari room and a sea-themed room.

Steve Hopland, CEO of Medical Care LLC, said the Medical Care offices will use approximately 40,000 square feet of the new building. The rest of the complex will consist of a 20,000 square foot parking garage and rental spaces for other businesses. All of the major construction on the office areas is finished, but Hopland pointed out there are still some projects to finish, like the completion of the indoor parking garage for employees and the rooftop break deck. There are some minor projects to finish, like painting and paving the back parking lots.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Medical Care CEO Steve Hopland stands in the employee conference room at the new medical complex.

The Elizabethton Medical Care office provides a number of urgent care and basic medical care functions. The office was able to provide X-rays, cardiac stress tests, pulmonary function tests, EKGs, diabetic neuropathy screens, minor surgeries, lab services, drug screens, an on-site pharmacy and BioZ, which is a blood pressure test, in their old location. With the new space they will be able to offer CT scans, ultrasounds and Dexa Scans, which are bone density scans, which they did not have space for in the smaller office.

“We were at the point for years that we could have offered these services in Elizabethton, however, we did not have the space to expand,” Hopland said.

Other features of the new facility will be a large community meeting room, a two-story open area reception space, a glass elevator overlooking the reception area, an outside deck/ break area for employees and a 3,000-square-foot fitness center for employees and tenants of the facility.

Hopland said they already have contracts in place for a number of tenants and have been working to secure others. Some of the new tenants will include Amedisys Home Health and Hospice Care, Welmont CVA Heart Instutute, Solstas Labratories, Aeroflow medical equipment, Physical Therapy Services and Allergy and Asthma. He said he has potential tenants lined up in neurology, psychiatry, optometry, pulmonology, a sleep lab and a dentist has also expressed interest in locating in the new office. Amedisys has already moved to the new office and Physical Therapy Services is currently under construction to finish their office area.

The plan for the rest of the property is to sell off plots of the seven acre lot. Hopland said he had been in discussions for possible developments on the west side of the property, but, nothing permanently has been decided. However, Waffle House has agreed to locate on the east side of the property between the medical facility and Pizza Inn.

Medical Care was first opened in 1987 by Dr. Arnold Hopland and was named A.H Medical Care. Over time the name was shortened to Medical Care LLC. The office has been in the same location at 1900 West Elk Ave. the entire time.

The office started with a single medical service provider and has grown to have 27 medical service providers; 17 physicians and 10 extenders. Medical Care has 100 employees and three locations, one in Elizabethton, Johnson City and Hampton. The office has 104,644 patient charts and has served 85 percent of the population of Carter County.


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