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Mermilliod, Hazlett star in 15K


PINEY FLATS — Josh Mermilliod was all by himself on Saturday morning.

Winning by over nine minutes, the Gray runner dominated the Overmountain Men 15K Victory Run with a record time of 56:57.4.

The race began in Elizabethton and ended at Rocky Mount.

“I did have a good run,” Mermilliod, 25, said. “Honestly, I didn’t feel like I was doing as well as I’d hoped to originally. I kept trying to figure out, because I couldn’t see anybody.

“It’s hard to run the best race if you don’t have anybody right there with you. It’s a lot of fun to run with people out there sometimes. That means you have a chance to slow down a little bit.”

Johnson City’s Dustin Greene, 25, crossed runner-up (1:06:05.3).


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