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Milligan putting men’s volleyball on athletics menu


Many people in this region probably feel volleyball is a women’s sport, but Milligan College is showing the region that the guys can play too.

Starting Tuesday with a match at Lees McRae, Milligan College will begin its first season of fielding a club men’s volleyball team.

The head coach will be a familiar face to most Milligan College supporters, as Doneva Bays is adding men’s duties to her position as women’s head coach.

While men’s volleyball is big in Florida and out in the western part of the United States, where you are more likely to see people at a college volleyball match than a college basketball game, this area has not given the opportunities in volleyball to men and high school boys like they have girls.

The TSSAA does not sanction boys volleyball, and about the closest place to it that does have it is in the Bluegrass area of Kentucky around Louisville and Lexington.


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