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Mother, son arrested during deputies’ search for 3rd man


An attempt to serve a warrant on a man suspected of methamphetamine-related activity led to the subsequent arrests of a woman and her son on similar charges.

Janet Cornett Tupay

Janet Cornett Tupay


At approximately noon on Friday, Carter County Sheriff’s Department deputies arrested Janet Cornett Tupay, 61, and Joseph Francis Tupay, 34, both of 102 Bertie Lane Lot 33, Hampton, after they reported finding methamphetamine and methamphetamine cooking supplies inside their home.

Joseph Francis Tupay

Joseph Francis Tupay

Originally, however, those deputies were searching for Scotty Lee Lewis, 53 – who is listed at the same address – in the hopes of serving a warrant charging him with initiation of a process intended to result in the manufacturing of methamphetamine and promotion of methamphetamine manufacturing.

Scotty Lee Lewis

Scotty Lee Lewis

According to CCSD Sgt. Harmon Duncan, who was present during the early stages of the search, after arriving at the residence, it didn’t take long for officers to discover drugs.

“We went in and asked to search for Scott, and she allowed us in there,” Duncan said. “We immediately found syringes and drug paraphernalia.”

The affidavit of complaint reads that, after entering the house, Capt. Tom Smith saw a syringe and a small black bag on the bed next to a sleeping Joseph Tupay. Authorities say Joseph Tupay then consented to a search of the immediate area, whereupon Smith found 1.2 grams of methamphetamine in the black bag.


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