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National survey shows Sycamore Shoals near the top in key areas


A national hospital collaborative found that Sycamore Shoals Hospital was among its higher-scoring members in a recent survey.

According to the QUEST collaborative, a program of the Premier Healthcare Alliance, the Elizabethton hospital is among the organization’s leaders in categories such as reducing patient mortality, reducing readmissions, and increasing patient satisfaction.

Sycamore Shoals CEO Dwayne Taylor said the QUEST results are evidence of the efforts made by his staff.

“Sycamore Shoals’ participation in this collaborative reinforces our commitment to reliably deliver the best care experience to the communities we serve,” Taylor said. “We’re proud to have achieved top performance in QUEST as we continue down our path of improving patient outcomes.”

Specifically, SSH was named a top performer in: reducing mortality by at least 31 percent; reducing the average cost of care to less than $5,690 per discharge; improving the hospital experience so patients favorably rate their stay and would recommend the facility to others 73 percent of the time; reducing preventable harm events; and reducing readmissions by at least 12 percent.

Along with achieving national recognition, Taylor said that being a part of the QUEST collaborative also allows for easier lines of communication with other hospitals. Every hospital in the collaborative submits its figures to Premier once a month. After the information is verified and processed, reports are created that allow every hospital in the collaborative to see what others are doing.

“This creates a way for us to talk to hospitals all over the country,” Taylor said. “If someone is doing something better than us, we say, ‘In this particular metric, you’re better than we are. What can we learn from you?’”


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