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Officials say road conditions better, not ideal


Carter County Emergency Management Agency Director Andrew Worley said Friday afternoon that most major roadways were clear of ice, but drivers may find hazardous conditions on secondary roads.

“Road crews are working non-stop to keep things clear, but some of the smaller roads in the county are still slick,” he said. “Travel is still hazardous, so we’re still cautioning everyone to not go out unless it’s necessary.”

Shortly after the frozen precipitation began to fall Friday, the Carter County 911 center began receiving reports of vehicle accidents.

On Broad Street, past the Carter Mansion, city police responded to three nearly simultaneous crashes on the curve near Thomas Boulevard.

Worley said a second concern with freezing rain is the buildup of ice on trees and power lines.

“We’re already starting to see ice form, sometimes all the way down to ground level,” he said. “That’s going to add weight to the trees in already water-logged soil and they could fall over and cause power outages.”

The Carter County Courthouse closed early Friday, and employees were sent home.

Court cases scheduled to be heard were cancelled and rescheduled.

In anticipation of additional icing, Tennessee declared a precautionary state of emergency.

The National Weather Service expects ice accumulations of up to a third of an inch by the evening.


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