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Officials tell Butler residents to conserve, boil water


As residents gathered Monday to question Carderview Utility District commissioners about the handling of a weekend water shutdown, it was announced that the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has issued a boil order for the district until further notice.

The public notice, handed out during the meeting at the district’s home office at 177 Rainbolt St., reads that an “insufficient supply of water” led to a “loss of pressure in the distribution system.” Between that and the recent cold snap, which froze and cracked many pipes in the system, contaminants such as fecal matter were introduced into the district’s water supply.

Even with the contaminants in the water supply, Odes Roberson, the general manager for the Roan Mountain Utility District – who was appointed to supervise the district’s repair efforts – said reducing water pressure would yield faster results than shutting down the system.

“We need to slow the flow down rather than shut it down completely,” Roberson said. “It should build up overnight, when everybody’s in bed. The tank level should come back up. If you de-water the system, you’ll spend more water flushing than you’ll gain that night.”

In addition to boiling their water, commissioners also asked homeowners to limit their water consumption during the boil order.


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