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Old Butler Days a time for getting together, old school


When the gates on Watauga Dam closed 65 years ago and Old Butler was submerged under Watauga Lake, Watauga New WataugaAcademy-A-4x4BAcademy was one of the town’s institutions that was lost forever.

Each year, former Watauga Academy students gather at Butler Baptist Church on the Sunday after Old Butler Days. The 1948 graduating class was the last group of seniors to receive their high school diploma from Watauga Academy.

While classmates come from around the country to attend the reunion, Academy alumni note the number returning becomes smaller ever year.

Photo by Brandon Hicks“It’s getting slim,” said Carter Isaacs, a 1948 graduate. “There are not many of us left. We used to fill the church. Now it’s a small group.”

George Walker described Watauga Academy as more than just a school. Walker graduated in the class of 1943.

“The school had a history,” Walker said.


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