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On the Wall: David Ornduff’s Korean War memories still vivid


Sixty years after serving in the Korean War, the memories of combat are still clear for Navy veteran David Ornduff.

Ornduff’s ship was assigned to Task Force 77, which he described as one of the largest task forces ever assembled for support in the Korean War.

Ornduff enlisted in the Navy in 1951 at the same time as three of his first cousins. One cousin, Delmer, also joined the Navy, while another became a paratrooper and the third joined the Army.

Ornduff was 17-1/2 when he joined the Navy, which meant his parents had to sign the papers to let him enlist in the military.

“Momma cried and fussed at Daddy for signing the papers,” Ornduff said.
When enlisting, Ornduff and his cousin Delmer asked to be able to stay together, which they were allowed to do during their service. They graduated from boot camp in Great Lakes, Ill., on March 15, 1952 and were assigned to the destroyer, USS John R. Pierce, DD753, in April.

On May, 15, the ship left Norfolk, Va., to begin its voyage to Korea.


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