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Online opportunities are a ‘virtual’ reality for Carter County schools


As technology continues to infiltrate and change the way schools operate, the Carter County School System has continued to keep up with the learning curve.

Carter County Schools Secondary Education Supervisor Danny McClain has dubbed the county school system’s online and technologically based curriculum the ‘Carter County Virtual School.’

And this ‘virtual school’ isn’t limited to a single program.

Along with a homeschool program for students in kindergarten through eighth grade, for high school students the school system offers both virtual classrooms and online courses.

Parents in Carter County who choose to homeschool their child have the option to use the online curriculum provided by Pearson Education’s GradPoint.

“We have a lot of students in Carter County that are homeschooled,” he said. “We want to make sure they get the content that’s needed for the future.”

At the high school level, core classes in general fields of study like math, English and science are offered through the program.

McClain said GradPoint now offers additional courses.

“There are some AP (advanced placement) courses available through this program,” he said.

Some of those courses are U.S. history, psychology, environmental science and English literature, he said. Some career technical education courses are also becoming available like astronomy and business law.

“Since we just started with GradPoint last year, it’s not something that we have started yet,” McClain said. “But this is something that we are going to get started quickly.”


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