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Pet owner insulted by proposed tax on pets



I WAS insulted by the letter Mr. Colbaugh wrote to the editor about charging taxes to pet owners for the shelter. I have three dogs, six cats and a rabbit, which are all RESCUES except the rabbit. I, too, am on a fixed income but I pay taxes on all their food and supplies from the stores I purchase them. I support the Animal Shelter wholeheartedly by donations and each check I write gives a percentage to the ASPCA. I have adopted from the shelter in the past as well.

I have no children but I pay taxes to help support schools in the county. I have never complained because education is the foundation of our society.

Mr. Colbaugh has no idea how much it costs for one pet to have yearly shots, having it spayed or neutered, let alone the cost of 10. Yes, it is my choice to love and support my pets as I didn’t want them to go to our shelter as it is currently a “kill” shelter. I already am taxed to death and I am not willing to pay MORE taxes for the unconditional love my pets give me.

NO, Mr. Colbaugh, it is NOT a fair deal in my opinion as a pet lover.

Additionally, I was appalled the commissioners are now “repositioning” their stand on funding for a new shelter. Shame on you! We pay taxes for education as well as a lottery…where is all this money going?

We just paid for a multi-million dollar jail for repeat offenders. Then had to pay more. What is wrong with Carter County??? I would prefer to earmark funding for the animal shelter than criminals.

Thanks for letting me sound off.

Billie Bare



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