January 5th , 2014 10:53 am 4 Comments

Pit bull attack leaves Carter County woman critical


A Johnson City woman was described as being in “serious condition” after Carter County Sheriff’s Department officers say she was mauled by her pet pit bull.

At approximately 12:28 Sunday morning, CCSD officers arrived at an apartment at 109 Oscar Banks Road and reported finding the 21-year-old woman, who was not identified, being “viciously attacked” by her 1 1/2-year-old dog.

When the dog would not respond to verbal commands, the attack concluded when Sgt. Wayne Pritchard shot the dog four times, killing it.

In a press release, Sheriff Chris Mathes said the woman suffered several puncture and bite wounds – some of which he described as “life-threatening” -  and was treated at the scene by Carter County Emergency and Rescue Squad before being transported to Johnson City Medical Center for emergency surgery.

“The victim remains in very serious condition,” Mathes said.



4 Responses to Pit bull attack leaves Carter County woman critical

  1. Cara says:

    I myself don’t think the pit should have been shot dead. I obviously don’t know everything that has happened, but from this report it does not if a reliable reason why the dog was shot four times killing it. Of course the dog isn’t going to respond to you verbally. For one it’s young, and two The person trying to get the dog wasn’t his/her rightful owner, just a stranger. In my opinion the woman probably hurt the dog or raised it to act like that, leaving her to blame. No dog is ever going to viciously attack someone at random.

    • Really. says:

      Your right. They should have walked over & calmly tapped the dog on the shoulder then when it stopped & turned around, asked it politely to stop what it was doing.

      • Cara says:

        No need to be smart. It wasn’t stated that the dog was acting in a vicious manner towards the police officer. Animal control could’ve easily and painlessly got the dog and took it to a shelter to either be put up for adoption or to a vet to be put down. Have some common sense.

  2. Emily Price says:

    I’m an avid dog lover but I wouldn’t own one of those crazy breeds because no matter how they’re raised, they could turn at any time. It’s bred into them from the beginning of the breed and can’t be bred or trained out! I myself prefer the small breeds to keep in the house with me, they’re not bred to be attack or fighting dogs.

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