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Pivotal contest for Johnson County football team


If Johnson County hopes to play for the gold, it must form a wall to shut down ‘Jasper” tonight inside of Paul McEwen Stadium.

It’s a must-win game for head coach Mike Atwood and his Longhorns against Sullivan North (4-2), ranked sixth in Class 3-A.

The Longhorns defeated Hampton 21-9 last week while North knocked off undefeated Lee High 23-16. The stakes are much higher this week for the ’Horns.

“Hampton was a big win for us, but this (game) is even bigger,” said Atwood. “I thought we played horrible against Cloudland, but defensively we played well at Happy Valley. We thought Warren (Kerley) might be ready to go in the game, but he wasn’t. We put Justin (Pardue) in a tough spot and we fumbled too many snaps. But he worked hard and didn’t have a turnover at Hampton. He played very well.”


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