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Playtime slides into child’s call for help



Photo by Kayla Carter
Members of the Carter County Rescue Squad helped free Philip Nave, 5, when he became lodged between mesh paneling and a slide inside the Broad Street McDonald’s Playplace. After climbing on a part of the slide not intended to be played on, Nave fell into the tight spot, got stuck and began to hyperventilate.

A child’s playtime preoccupation quickly slid into a playground predicament around 4 p.m. on Monday at the Broad Street McDonald’s.

Her shift having just ended, McDonald’s employee Heather Nave was letting her 5-year-old son Philip play inside the McDonald’s Playplace when he became stuck between mesh paneling and a plastic slide.

Carter County Rescue Squad Capt. Jason Davenport said crew members attempted to cut into the slide to free Philip because it was pressing on his body and making it hard for him to breathe.

“It was not easy, but he got out,” Davenport said. “We started to cut it, but Eric (Shepherd, a Rescue Squad employee) was able to move the slide enough for him to slide out.”

Davenport was impressed by how quickly Philip recovered from the incident. He said keeping Philip calm was their No. 1 priority while they worked on removing him.

“He’s now eating,” Davenport said about 10 minutes after Philip was freed. “For a kid that just got stuck for a while, he’s very calm. He’s a very brave little boy.”

Heather Nave said that, other than some slight redness from where he was stuck, “He’s OK.”

“I was just in the middle of a phone conversation with my mom and the next thing I know my oldest son was screaming at me that Philip was stuck,” Heather said. “I went up there and did what I could.”

Nerves caused Philip to hyperventilate a bit while he was stuck, according to emergency radio traffic.

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