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Police: Elizabethton man charged after marijuana operation found


The Carter County Sheriff’s Department arrested a man Thursday after authorities say an investigation revealed a marijuana “hydroponic indoor grow” operation in his basement.

Steven Andrew Sochalski, 33, 345 H. Heaton Road, Elizabethton, was charged with the manufacture of a schedule VI narcotic, maintaining a dwelling where narcotics are manufactured, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony.

According to the arrest report, CCSD Agent Nick Andes found that the home had been consuming more electricity than the previous owner and other homes on the street.

Andes interviewed Sochalski’s wife, Amiee, and permission to search the home was granted.

With a total of 13 plants removed, police described the marijuana grow operation as “sophisticated” and signs of previous marijuana growth were also found, according to the report.

All evidence was removed from the home, but officers had to obtain a search warrant in order to complete the seizure.

Sochalski arrived home while officers were obtaining a search warrant and was arrested upon becoming disorderly, according to the report.

Police found $831 in Sochalski’s car along with a 45-caliber pistol, according to the report.

Firearms and a computer with marijuana growth charts were also seized from inside the home.


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