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Police say bumpy ride ends with crash into wall


Photo by Brandon Hicks
Elizabethton police say Prentice White drove from the Milligan post office to his home on a destroyed tire while under the influence of prescription medication.

Police say a Milligan man took a bumpy ride Wednesday morning while under the influence of prescription sleep medication.

Prentice White was taken into custody by Elizabethton police officers after they said he, while under the influence of a prescription drug, drove at least half a mile with a shredded tire on his vehicle and then repeatedly crashed it into the front wall of the apartment building where he lives.

Patrol Officer Trevor Salyer arrived in the Milligan area after a report of a partially clothed man leaving the Milligan post office, with his car riding on the wheel’s rim.

A short time later, a resident of an apartment at 106 VIP Road called police to say a vehicle hit the outside wall of her apartment several times.

“I was taking a nap, and all of a sudden there was a loud boom,” said the resident, who declined to identify herself. “He hit a few more times before he stopped. It shook the whole house.”

Salyer said he arrived at the scene a short time later and White was still behind the wheel of the car.

The officer said that when White looked back and noticed the police cruiser, he slid from the driver’s seat into the back seat and pretended to be sleeping.


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