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Police say teen facing multiple charges tried to identify himself as a 16-year-old



Christopher Aaron Grindstaff

Authorities say a teen who claimed he was a minor encountered major difficulties after leading Elizabethton Police Department officers on a chase across West Elk Avenue.

On Wednesday, Christopher Aaron Grindstaff, 19, 162 Neth Drive, Milligan College, was arrested by EPD Patrol Officer Justin Pearce, who said the teen pretended to be a juvenile after being caught shoplifting at the Elizabethton Wal-Mart.

In the incident report, Pearce said he arrived at Wal-Mart shortly after 3 p.m. to meet with Henry Flesher, who works in the store’s loss prevention department, regarding a detained shoplifter. Flesher’s report and video surveillance showed the detainee tried to leave with more than $200 worth of merchandise, Pearce said.

When Pearce asked for the detainee’s name, he replied that he was a 16-year-old and provided a name. Pearce said he later learned, however, that the name was false.


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