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Police seeking identity of pizzeria burglar


Elizabethton police are searching for the man who they say burglarized a pizzeria in the city, and they’re seeking the public’s help in identifying the suspect.

Elizabethton police are trying to identify this man, who they say broke into Greg's Pizza early Tuesday morning.

Elizabethton police are trying to identify this man, who they say broke into Greg’s Pizza early Tuesday morning.

Elizabethton Police Department Investigator Robert Bradshaw said Greg’s Pizza on West Elk Avenue was broken into early Tuesday morning and the cash register was smashed on the ground in an attempt to open the cash drawer.

Video surveillance from the store shows a heavyset black male either using a tool or kicking the door in to gain entry to the restaurant, smashing the register and looking through other areas of the store.

“Luckily for Greg’s Pizza, there wasn’t much in the register,” Bradshaw said. “He busted it and took off quickly, it was a smash-and-grab.”

The investigator said the burglar made out with pocket change, but missed the envelope under Plexiglas near the register containing $37 used for delivery change.

The EPD released still photographs taken from the video surveillance showing the suspected perpetrator.

Brashaw asked anyone who recognizes the man to call Investigator Robert Bradshaw at 423-547-6411 or the Crime Stoppers hotline at 423-542-7574.

In January 2012, Greg’s Pizza was previously burglarized, with the thief making off with more than $400.

In that case, the burglar climbed onto the roof of the building and climbed down a vent to gain access to the restaurant.

Bradshaw said he did not believe any arrests were made in relation to that incident, but noted the store did not have surveillance cameras at the time.


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