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Political ally favors Gray for representative


To the editor:

Thomas Jefferson was quoted as saying “Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his conduct.” This quote fits right at hand with the smear being spread by Independent Kent Williams against Republican Party backed Thom Gray.

Mr. Williams has taken upon himself to post in an ad in the Elizabethton STAR on Oct. 21, which portrays Mr. Gray as pro-choice and a member of the Libertarian Party. These accusations are based on a defunct and possibly fake Internet link from 2006 while Mr. Gray was attending the University of Tennessee. I’ve known Thom Gray for close to seven years. We met at an event promoting liberty and constitutional rights. Mr. Gray then was 100 percent against gun control, 100 percent in favor of cutting taxes, 100 percent in favor of protecting marriage and 100 percent pro-life. He still is all of those and as convincing in those beliefs as ever. If Mr. Gray is guilty of anything, it’s being the only candidate in this race who has been consistent.

Mr. Williams is running on a record which includes losing the mutual trust of Republicans, violating his pledge to his party. He allied with the Democrats, threw Rep. Mumpower under the bus and deceived his way to the speakership. Mr. Williams is no longer trusted in Nashville and the deception he displayed then has continued in this election by smearing and lying about Mr. Gray.

I’m not a citizen of either one of these counties, but I have deep roots in Unicoi County that go back to the 1800s. I deeply care about how my relatives are represented. They will be represented fairly by Thom Gray. Mr. Williams has made it known through his actions, that he only cares about his ego in Nashville, and frankly the people are tired of being pushed around by politicians.

This race isn’t about whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or wherever your political beliefs place you. It’s about who will best represent the people of Carter and Unicoi counties, and that person is Thom Gray.


Ryan Cooper, Johnson City


4 Responses to Political ally favors Gray for representative

  1. JPCannon says:

    Mr. Gray has definitely and publicly denied being a Libertarian. At a public meeting on 10/23/2012 he said “Libertarians are nuts” so by his own words he seems to make his opinion of that party very clear. In addition, Mr. Cooper does not disclose here that he IS a Libertarian.

  2. Ryan Cooper says:

    Ryan CooperTo be clear, I’ve voted and supported libertarian candidates but never officially joined the party.I consider myself a liberty independent. I’ve also supported Republican candidates who are honest and believe what they say. If being in favor of the constitution and the principles of the founding fathers is bad, then I guess I’m guilty.

    • JPCANNON says:

      I just though that since you had your political party listed as Libertarian on your Facebook page that you were probably a Libertarian – And I totally agree, honesty and following the principles of the founding fathers should never make one feel guilty.

  3. nigel west dickens says:

    when letters are for kent it’s:

    “writer” says wlliams has benefited…”writer”: ttc expansion due to williams…”local resident” speaks up for independent voter…”we don’t need someone to tell us how to vote”

    finally print a letter for gray and oh, it’s just some “political ally”

    there’s a reason i only read this rag online or at the library

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