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‘Prime Time’ Townsend takes spotlight


JOHNSON CITY — Forget the size of the opponent, or the needed strategy in the cage, Hampton’s Adam Townsend always feels he is control.

With a 2-0 professional record in the 145-pound lightweight class, Townsend is in action again on Jan. 5 in a Mixed Martial Arts 3FC card at the Smoky Mountain Convention Center in Pigeon Forge. His opponent is Adam Mayes (6-4) of Coeburn, Va.

“I never really have much of a game plan, but I’m just going to go out there and try to keep the distance at him,” Townsend said on Wednesday. “Because I think he’s going to want to try to take me down, and if that happens I’m comfortable on my feet. I think I’m going to be little bit more technical, a little quicker than he is going to be.

“As far as the wrestling part goes, I think I would have the advantage there with the strength to be able to get him off of me. If I do get put on my back, I’m going to be comfortable there with my submission game and standing back up – so either way the fight goes I’m excited. I’m definitely ready.”


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