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Pumpkins a family business for Rasnicks


Growing pumpkins for the fall season is a family affair for Bobby Rasnick.

Photo by Danny Davis
Tony Slagle, Bobby Rasnick, Jaryn Rasnick, Matthew Rasnick and Johnny Shepherd all help out at Rasnick’s pumpkin patch in the parking lot of the Farm Bureau insurance office.

Rasnick, known to some as the Pumpkin Man, has been growing pumpkins for 15 years. He started working with his late father William Rasnick Sr. and is now passing on his pumpkin-growing secrets to some of his children.

The family had been involved in tobacco farming before they started growing pumpkins. Rasnick said government regulations started making it difficult to continue growing tobacco, so the family turned to the fall crop of pumpkins.

The family used to farm the pumpkins on their father’s land. After his father passed away nine years ago, the land was split among his children, and there was no longer enough land available to continue growing pumpkins at that location.

Rasnick has been renting farm land from other area farmers to continue growing the pumpkins each fall. This year, Rasnick, his children and a group of friends raised their pumpkins on a lot rented on the Bill Allen farm in the Siam community.

“It was like it used to be, when neighbors helped out neighbors,” he said.


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