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Quilting is creative art for Patty Schultz


For Carter County quilter Patty Schultz, quilting is an art form that gives her the chance to be creative by combining different fabrics into unique patterns to make one-of-a-kind quilts.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Patty Schultz sews her quilt pieces on a Singer sewing machine.

Schultz did not start seriously quilting until she retired from working in a medical office in 2002. She had always been interested in quilting from the time she was a young child but did not learn how until later in life. When she was a child, Schultz’s grandmother would attend a quilting group at her church, and Schultz would go with her, but she never got the chance to quilt for herself.

“My grandmother never taught me to quilt,” Schultz said. “She always told me since I was so good at cooking that I could cook for the quilters. That was the one mistake my grandmother made.”

She made her first attempt at quilting in 1975 after her mother became terminally ill. She said her mother wanted to leave a quilt for each of her grandchildren, so Schultz assisted her by making them. Schultz said they made the quilts by sewing blocks of fabric onto pages of old TV Guide magazines. The page blocks were then attached to each other to make the larger bedspread.


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