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Rangers stay alive, bump Bulldogs


Unaka gave an Energizer Bunny-like performance on Thursday and survived to play another day after 19 innings of baseball.
The Rangers held off Hampton 3-2 in the second game after falling to University High 4-3 in 12 innings in the first one.
The Creekers will have less than 24 hours to recharge their batteries. They’ll play the loser of top seed North Greene and UH at 7:15, which follows the 5 p.m. contest between the two.
Coach Tee Blevins appeared happy but drained after the contest. He took the time to sum up his team’s play.
“These kids could have come out flat after the 12-inning loss, but they didn’t,” Blevins said. “They dug down deep and came back ready to play. We hit it a little better in the second game — played good defense — but our pitching was outstanding all day. As for pitching, we’ll have everybody on deck for tomorrow because it’s do or die. They’ve took care of their arms all year long so we’ll be ready. We might have to get few innings from each of them.”


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