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Reader asks voters to remember Williams’ action


To the editor:

Rep. Kent Williams gave a radio interview approximately one week before the Tennessee Speaker of the House election Jan. 13, 2009. During the interview, Williams indicated that he was committed to his Republican colleague, Jason Mumpower, being elected as the new speaker. This was to be a historic day for the Republicans in that Mumpower was going to be the first Republican-elected speaker in nearly 40 years.

Many of you know that Williams failed tremendously in his commitment to Mumpower, the Republican party, and most importantly, the citizens of Carter County. When the time came for Williams to stand tall he actually buckled and fell to the floor, bringing shame to all those individuals that had placed confidence in him as a trustworthy man of honor and integrity. He is actually now branded as one not to be trusted for he clearly put his personal ambition, interest and gain before all others. In essence, his action has left Carter County without a voice in Nashville.

Kent Williams was also expelled from the Republican Party because of his alleged disloyal action and now chooses to run as an Independent candidate.

Considerable time has passed since that January day in 2009.

Two years ago the House took corrective action and elected Beth Harwell as the new speaker.

In just a few short days, you, the citizens of Carter County and Unicoi County, have an opportunity to save face by electing a new representative and establishing once again a clear voice of representation in Nashville.

-Jean Rhea, Hampton


19 Responses to Reader asks voters to remember Williams’ action

  1. nigel west dickens says:

    100% accurate. see here for even more sources:


    thank you ms. rhea for being an educated voter.

  2. Both Jean Rhea and Thom Gray seem to be terribly confused — just review the Thom Gray video posted to YouTube and read through the 2009 Mumpower House coercion pledge that all Republicans were “requested” to sign: it states, in part, “Together, as members of the House Republican Caucus, we are proud to announce our unified committment to vote for a Republican for Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives…”

    As I recall (and from watching the campaign video posted below by candidate Thom Gray), Rep. Kent Williams did vote during January 2009 for a Republican to serve a Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives — himself, as Rep. Kent Williams was then still a “bona fide” Republican Party member.

  3. Letter telling House Republicans what would happen if they didn’t back the Tennessee Republican Party’s leadership choices:

  4. @Jean Rhea: “Rep. Kent Williams gave a radio interview approximately one week before the Tennessee Speaker of the House election Jan. 13, 2009. During the interview, Williams indicated that he was committed to his Republican colleague, Jason Mumpower, being elected as the new speaker…”

    Both Carter Count and Unicoi County voters should take time to review the entire quote that the Elizabethton Star had actually reported on January 11, 2009 from an interview with Rep. Kent Williams — this is were Rhea lifted her out of context and purposely misleading assertion :

    “…They are probably going to come after me in two more years. They tried to beat me in the last election [2008], and it did not work. I made a commitment to vote for Jason Mumpower as House Speaker and I intend to stick by my commitment. I think that Jason will make a good leader, ” Williams said.

    However, the Carter County lawmaker let it be known that when he votes, he will do so with Carter County in mind, not the [Tennessee House] Republican Caucus.

  5. TheShadowKnows says:

    LOL “Informed voter”. I don’t see someone who repeats word for word a man’s speech or flyer passed out as an informed voter vs more like a parrot that repeats what it is told for a cracker. Foolish to give ANY credit to anyone in the C.I.A. group having independent thought.

  6. opinion2u says:

    It is in MY opinion that ALL of the C.I.A. members have independent thoughts. Whether YOU give them any credit or not does not concern me or them one bit. They form thoughts and voice their opinions openly, unlike most people of Carter County!

    • TheShadowKnows says:

      Yep, there it is again, little group passing judgement on the entire county. Thanks for showing that. People don’t have to join a group to voice their opinion and plenty have on their own.

      • opinion2u says:

        Did I say entire county? I don’t think so, I said most people – that does not mean entire! How would you know if we are little or big, if you aren’t part of it? I did not join a group to voice my opinion – I was doing that WAY before I joined the C.I.A.!!!! Do not blame my speaking out on the group. I was speaking my mind many years before I EVER knew of that group.

        • TheShadowKnows says:

          I left that group many months ago, when it was little, never went back when I realized how false and full of lies they were. I don’t see how some of them profess to be a Christian.

          • opinion2u says:

            Then with that comment, how do you? I believe the Bible states, Judge not, lest we be judged. I believe you are being hypocritical.

          • opinion2u says:

            Also, along the lines of Kent Williams – how many times has Mr. Williams contacted the citizens of Carter County AFTER he gets put into office??? You only get contacted by him WHILE he is running requesting your vote and then you NEVER hear from him again until NEXT election. He doesn’t poll the citizens of the county when something comes up concerning them.

          • TheShadowKnows says:

            I believe one that professes lies and bears false witness has already been judged by the good book. Concerning Williams polling the people? Who do you know that does? I believe he has contact information for us to contact him with concerns. Not defending him, just curious about who actually out there does.

          • opinion2u says:

            I don’t know anyone that does, but he states in his campaign that he will vote for the citizens of Carter County. i contacted him with concerns and he never bothered to even return my call – not once. I contact Phil Roe and he return my call PERSONALLY, not a representative, HIM. Why could Kent not call and him from Carter County? I left it that I would speak with him at his convenience – never heard a word! We don’t need representation like that!!

  7. TheShadowKnows says:

    One wonders though…if Williams is doing such a bad job, why is county Mayor “Tater” trying to steal the fish hatchery project and claim it as his own?

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