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Reader critical of commission chairman



I would like to make the citizens of Carter County aware of my conversation with Commission Chairman Yogi Bowers.

I contacted Yogi Bowers on July 26 to tell him that I thought he owed Commissioner Nancy Brown an apology for his outburst telling her to “sit down.” He hit his gavel when he said it. He then proceeded to tell her “to keep your nose out of other people’s conversations, Mrs. Brown.” I felt this was a very disrespectful way to treat his fellow commissioner. But, unfortunately, this kind of behavior is also used with our county mayor and citizens who choose to speak out when they address the chair with questions and concerns.

I also questioned him in regard to the protection in the courtroom. All citizens are required to pass through a metal detector; however, some commissioners enter the courtroom without a proper search by deputies when the metal detector may indicate contraband on their person. It appears that Yogi Bowers thinks he and other commissioners are above the law and should not be subject to a proper search when possibly warranted. His answer to that was “there was nothing to be scared of.” Commissioner Bowers also does not allow the citizens to clap in regard to their approval of concerns; he threatens to have them thrown out of the courtroom. “I keep order in my courtroom.” My response to him was, “I thought the courtroom belonged to the people.” It’s a shame it has come to this.

The people no longer have a say in the decisions that our commissioners are making. They have placed you (the people) at the end of the agenda because they are going to make the decisions on how they feel and not what the people want. They are letting you know your concerns, thoughts and opinions do not matter. This county is run on a plantation mentality: “I’m the boss and you’ll do what I say.” We the people have allowed it. Election year 2014 is right around the corner. We need to put in place commissioners who are willing to work for the citizens of Carter County.

One more thing. Yogi Bowers asked what I thought about Commissioner VonCannon’s statement about the two screws. My response was, “What was wrong with that, he told the truth. The citizens got screwed.”

There is a man in my opinion who has let his power go to his head. He’s forgotten where he came from. The citizens elected him to represent them, not just a chosen few of the Good Ole Boys, who seem to have a stranglehold over this county.

See for yourself how they conduct YOUR business. You can view the video of the commission meeting on website. Hit “View Public Documents” then hit “View Commission Meeting Videos.”

-Joann Jarrett, Elizabethton


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