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Reader dislikes remark about courthouse cooking


To the editor:

May I say a few words to all who care to read?

I usually enjoy reading my Elizabethton STAR, but yesterday was one of the few, that I was amazed at the comment from one of our commissioners.

Our county mayor and also Mary Gouge are really nice people, and they did not deserve the stupid, not funny, remark that was made about the cooking.

Yes, we are “flatlanders,” but I believe most of us have learned to say “potatoes.”

You should be helping Mr. Humphrey, who is a fine man, trying his best to help the people who elected him. So is Mary Gouge. Give her what she needs in the kitchenette or else take it out and everybody eat at home.

I wish all Carter County would sit in on some of the commission meetings and they would see Mr. Humphrey trying to get the best for the taxpayers. Only five of the 24 commissioners are behind him.

I hope all of the above will be remembered when it comes time to elect a new commission.

-Thelma Cutshall, Elizabethton


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