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Reader: Have we been fed one too many ‘whoppers’?


To the editor:

Most of us remember the popular WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) slogan and arm bands. It might be to our benefit to remember this when we call President Obama a foreigner, Muslim, Anti-Christ, fascist, socialist, communist, welfare president, and more, which I hesitate to repeat.

How could one man be all of these? Could the number of welfare recipients have increased because of Obama, or was it Bush’s two wars and the middle class being hit by unregulated banks gambling with our money? Could this have caused retirement funds to dwindle immediately following the Bush years? Do we really believe that our president is still going to take our guns and render us defenseless?

All voters should learn about Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, the Koch Brothers, and most importantly, Congressman Paul Ryan’s plans for our Social Security. If we believe that the Gulf Oil Spill has helped fishing, we have probably been fed one too many “whoppers.”

God help us that our White House not be bought by the greedy and destroyed by a brainwashed Congress.

Marion Grover, Johnson City


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