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Reader reminisces, thankful for gift of smell



I am so thankful for the gift of smell! Today, I can still smell the blue jeans.

We shopped for when the school days rolled around. My children were always so excited. We didn’t have a lot of money but Jack and I tried hard to provide them with their needs and some of their wants. They, like me, loved composition books so I always had several of them in my basket. I loved composition books so well that I think I may have stole them had my dad not instilled in me the commandment “Thou Shall Not Steal.” I always had plenty for myself because I worked at the City Drug store in Mountain City, Tenn., when I was growing up. I was a very conservative person. I bought all my school clothes and my school supplies. Bet I had more pens and pencils than anybody on the school grounds. I still have plenty of them lying around. I use them for journals, for writing stories and for writing notes to remember errands to run.

I am so thankful that I can smell all the flowers I have planted in my flower boxes. Hardly anything beats the fragrance of the apple blossoms on my knotty little tree. Every spring I spend some time standing there and inhaling the odor, kind of like I wanted it to last the whole summer season!

When we lived in Doe Valley, Tenn., we had a 16-acre farm and we had about three apple trees. One of them was the Yellow Transparent. I don’t think my taste buds have ever exceeded the taste of this apple. One of a kind! I even like the odor of the Bubblely Rasum that grew on the pine trees. We used to burst them so we could smell them better. The worst fragrance I remember was when it was time to move the old toilets. We used to hold our nose the whole time but that was in that era and we had to make the most of it. It is the one thing I hope we never have to go back to!!

I have roses, tulips, daisies, begonia, day lilies, sunflowers and a tropical bean somebody gave me that grows sky high and smells very different, but good, and the rhododendrons, red and purple. Last but not least I can smell body odor. I know I can’t go around smelling like a rose all the time but I appreciate the fact that soap has been discovered.

Think about it sometimes and thank God for the wonderful sense of smell!

-Goldia Ward Scott, Elizabethton


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