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Reader spurns ad attack on Gray by ‘turncoat’ Williams


To the editor:

Kent Williams and his backers have me ashamed to be from Carter County.

First, Kent Williams goes to Nashville, turns his coat on his own party and makes our good name into mud all over the state. Then, when Unicoi County Republican Chair Jim Buchanan shows his loyalty backing his Republican candidate, we get letter after letter bashing him for it and calling him nasty names.

Do you people realize Jim Buchanan was raised in Carter County? He went to Hampton High School! He is a good man. But, I guess it makes sense that the friends of the Chairman of the Turncoat Party, Kent Williams, would attack a man just for being loyal. To him, loyalty is a bad thing.

Then we have the turncoat Kent Williams putting out an attack ad against the Republican nominee, Thom Gray, trying to tell us who the “real Republican” is. In that ad, he not only attacks Gray, but another Hampton High School man, Richard Gray, for raising his son to think for himself. How petty. I take that as a compliment and a sign of good parenting.

It’s not a bad thing that Thom Gray thought things through before he settled on being a Republican. Unlike turncoat Kent Williams who ran as a Republican and then decided on the House floor to turn tail on his Party. I don’t agree with some of the stuff Gray used to think, but I also believe him when he says he doesn’t either. I wouldn’t believe Kent Williams if he told me the sky was blue.

Where does turncoat Kent Williams get off telling anyone else who is and is not a Republican? The state Republican chairman, the Unicoi County Republican chairman and other Republicans say Thom Gray is their man. Thom Gray says he is a Republican today and I believe him.

Turncoat Kent Williams isn’t going to tell me otherwise. Kent Williams can throw all the mud he wants. We know who he is and what he did. We need a new face for Carter County. I’ll be voting for Republican Thom Gray.

Ann Reese, Elizabethton


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