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Reader upset by broken headlight caused by golf ball



I was traveling by the golf course in Elizabethton today (Saturday) when a golf ball hit my car and busted out the headlight. I proceeded on to the golf course to see if they were going to pay to get my headlight fixed and I was told by management as well as the police that it wasn’t the golf course’s problem.

Folks, I have my car paid for and only carry comp insurance on it. This little “golfer” that didn’t know how to hit a golf ball cost me $126.20.

When I asked “What IF” this would have caused an accident and someone got killed, I got little or no response from anybody. I then asked why didn’t they have a fence up in that area where it’s next to Highway 321. Again, no response.

I don’t like having to spend $126.20 out of my pocket because someone can’t hit a little white ball, but I guess I have to. But what if the “What IF” happens? I don’t see how they can get by without not being made to install a fence beside 321.


-Burnie and Peggy Ault


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